A Digital Solutions Provider for Lotteries.

Our vision is to create winning moments that inspire the world to play.  Through this vision we apply a unique perspective into our designs and technology.  What we believe influences everything we do and results in amazing experiences for players, retailers and our clients.

Explore Our Solutions

Responsive Websites

We can deploy an end-to-end responsive website with winning number results, game information, retailer finder tools and any custom functionality specific to your lottery.

Mobile Apps

Consumers continue to spend time in apps, and we can help you to meet players there with an elegant and fully functional mobile app for retail or online gaming.

Digital Games

We can design the front end user experience for a retail game that can be viewed online, such as Keno, or we can provide a unique digital game concept to fit within your regulatory framework.

Why Partner With Us?

Interaction Gaming was born from within the lottery industry and understands the nuances of the regulated gaming market, along with having practical knowledge on how to integrate digital programs for the benefit of retail and online channels.  We are agile, flexible and responsive to our client needs.  We pride ourselves on creating industry leading solutions that will delight your players.

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