Our Mission

It is our belief that the customer journey should be at the center of everything and that digital channels can provide the connectivity between retailers, lotteries, games and players.

Company Vision Statement

To create winning moments that inspire the world to play.

Our Core Values

We take great care to cultivate an environment that allows employees to reach their full potential while aligning towards a single purpose.  Our core values provide the character from which each of us is firmly rooted.

Be Passionate

Care deeply about what you do and always harness the inner drive to contribute to the larger mission.

Dream Big

We are always dreaming up big ideas that can deliver a significant impact for our clients.

Take Chances

Taking chances leads to the innovations that surprise and delight our clients and their players.

Have Fun

We would make fun a measured company goal if it didn’t result in a net reduction in overall fun.

Embrace Data

Pioneers often need to operate with instinct, but we're always further informed by data.

Play Games

Our experience indicates that the best way to understand a player is to be one.

Our Team

Danny Bogus

Danny founded Interaction Gaming to help lotteries unlock the true potential of digital programs across the enterprise.  He is a 10 year veteran of the lottery industry and orchestrated the most successful digital and iLottery launch in North America during his tenure at the Michigan Lottery.

Shane Kaszyca
Technical Advisor

Shane has 15 years of experience as a technologist and has been involved in many high-profile e-commerce and digital loyalty programs.  He serves as a technical advisor to the company and our clients.

Brett Gregory
Software Developer

Game development has been a passion for Brett since he was in middle school.  He enjoys all aspects of creating both games and other digital experiences.

Noah Karman
Software Developer

Passionate about mobile development, web development, and music, Noah brings a combination of technical skill and creativity to the Interaction Gaming team.

Alexa King
UX Designer

Alexa has been creating exciting and innovative products as a UX designer for five years in both the software and hardware industry. Before Interaction Gaming, Alexa helped bring a start-up automated bartending company to life in Atlanta.

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