Engage Your Players

Deploy a cutting-edge digital lottery solution that will delight your players.

We develop  for the lottery industry

Interaction Gaming is an organization born from within the lottery industry.  We understand retail gaming.  We understand online gaming.  Most of all, we understand how to bring retail and digital together with solutions that will help to expand your player base and increase engagement from existing customers.  We specialize in developing entertaining and elegant mobile apps, responsive websites and game experiences or we can custom build programs to meet your exact requirements.

A Winning Experience for Players

We are completely focused on creating memorable digital experiences for lottery players and our solutions are built with a few key ingredients in mind.

Mobile First

We simplify functionality to perform on the smallest screens first and then develop outward to ensure a seamless player experience across all devices.

Design Driven

We infuse design-thinking into all levels of our company to deliver a player experience that is beautiful and intuitive.

Data Informed

We help to track and analyze program performance and harness the power of data to to inform future product iterations.


We understand that lotteries require a diverse mix of suppliers to successfully operate and so we build our solutions to support and leverage open integrations.


Players come to play, and so we incorporate game-like features into our solutions to keep them entertained and highly engaged.


We build with the future in mind, and so we take great care to build solutions that are modular and scalable.

We Create Winning Moments

Players that buy tickets at retail are increasingly utilizing personal devices to check results, research games and interact with their favorite lottery brands.  Digital channels are also becoming critically important for generating new revenues as lotteries prepare or begin to sell tickets online.

It is at this intersection where Interaction Gaming partners with lotteries to drive player engagement, positive word of mouth and repeat sales.  We'd love to be a part of your next mobile app, website, mobile site or other digital project to help create winning moments for your players.

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